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Hey, I’m Joiel Borid Wild Freak Campers Creators of RV Outsider.

Wild Life’s first camping was started when I’m 8 years, at the Home Front Yard. After growing up a little bit fishing was my beloved activity and I was totally mixed up with nature.

Taking nature photoshoot.

Cycling on the village road.

Fishing on the open Lake.

Starting small camping outside of my city.

In the end, entirely involved with RV Camping life and I enjoy every bite of my journey so still I’m on the road.

Get In Touch with RV Outsider: creator@rvoutsider.com

Moto of RV Outsider shares my experience, expertise, and knowledge that I learned, and apprises about my next journey. So stay tuned with RV Outsider.

Actually, I’m good at camping, exploring, and RVing not writing & creative thing, so I have a medium size nice creative team who visualize my story on the RV Outsider.

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